Petgirls fetish is a common fantasy. A lot of people in the world are dreaming about treating a female as a household pet. A lot of realted fantasy art are available on the Internet, can be found in comics and animalisation is also a popular kind of sexual play.

Some people think that petgirls fetish humiliates women, but that is not true, because having a female pet is just like having a cat or a dog in you house. Everybody like pets and treat them good. It is important to remember that petgirls fetish is just a fantasy and it is fun. take it like any other normal adult recreation like dancing, kissing or having sex.

Petgirls usually kept in good conditions: they are clean, fed well and have plenty of time to play.

There are a few important things about the petgirls roleplay setup:

  • female should be totally naked (because animals does not wear clothes)
  • cat- and dog-girls have to be collared and leashed
  • ponygirls should wear harness and ponytale

A lot of kinky ideas can come up while planning a petgirls roleplay: training, visiting veterinary for a medical examination, walking on all fours and much, much more! Have fun in the wonderful world of petgirls!