There are two things you can't imagine petgirl without: I am talking about the collar and the leash. Bowl feeding, training and even medical examination: none of these things are possible if woman isn't wearing tight leather collar over her neck or not wiling to be leashed.

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Being leashed and collared is the way petgirl prefers to stayWoman takes the role of household petTight collar makes it easy to throttle a petgirl

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Leashed, collared and walked on all foursNude petgirl plays with toys once being unhoocked from a leash

Petgirls are normally allowed to play after being walked in the backyard. Watch the unhooked bitch having fun with the toy! She looks so happy when driving small blue ball from place to place and then carrying it with her mouth! Would you like to own a petgirl like this? She is the right type of bitch to bring a lot of joy to your life!

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