Medical examination is an important part of petgirls life. My name is Jewell and you are welcome to join me in my visit to the doctor.

I am dressed well for the occasion: while lingerie, pair of high heel shoes and pantyhose turns me into one of the most attractive petgirls ever.

Doctor started by taking my tits out from the bra, twisting and squeezing them. It was kind of painful, so I've started whimpering. A big ring gag was put in my mouth instantly. Now when I can't speak or cry, all I have to do is look submissively. It is a real humiliation for a woman like me - to sit with my breasts hangs out and a ring gag in my mouth.

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The next petgirl medical procedure was even more painful: I was put on all fours and prepared to vagina examination. Lady doctor tear pantyhose, took off my panties and put them in my mouth. Kinky electric device was inserted in my ass hole and intense electric stimulation was turned on. Powerful electric was striking my sensual flesh which caused a lot of saliva to dribble from my cunt. I look so helpless on these images: on my knees, gagged with panties and fucked with electric toy.

The final medical for test was petgirl Jewell about my ability to accept cock in my pussy. With a tight mouse opening device in my mouth, I was bent over the table, cuffed and fucked doggy style. Lady doctor used plastic dildo to explore the flexibility of my vagina. Rough penetration caused an instant orgasm to shake my body. Doc was really surprised with my climax and decided to fuck my throat and ass also.

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