My real name is Tracy, but my master call me petgirl Bambi. I am working in the shop at the mall during working days and I am a petgirls fetish fan during weekends.

The petgirl game usually starts with me dressed in bikini and with kinky playboy-style ears put on my head. Rubber ball gag resides in my mouth and a tight leather collar throats my neck. My owner loves to see me chained so it is natural for me to have a leach connected to the collar.

It is fun for a petgirl to be walked outdoors. Babmi loves to crawl on all fours besides her master. Like any other household pets I enjoy wallowing on the green grass and doing filthy things on command.

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A bit later he gave me two vibrators and ordered me to use them. I was a little ashamed, but it comes out very nice. I've took off my bikini and strated sucking both of the toys. My pussy became wet in just a few minutes, so one of the cocks went straight in my vagina. I guess I was doing pretty well, because my owner dropped his camera and fucked my right there. I was never making love outdoors previously so being fucked like a petgirl was really exiting!

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