Petgirl Danica Collins licking shoes

Hi guys! My name is Danica Collins and I am a secret petgirl slave. I would like to tell you about my training. You can enjoy more of my pictures by visiting my official website, but today I am in the mood for some shoe licking.

Normally I am working as a head of the department, but after a long day in the office I like to have some fun. My master comes with all the equipment needed and the petgirl roleplay begins. Master puts a tight leather corral over my neck and leaches me with a short chain. This simple action turns me in to little bitch that is ready to submit.

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What is the first exercise every petgirl should do? Yes - a shoe licking! I am still wering my black business suit, but I am going on my knees and start crawling slowly on all fours. Do you think it is a humiliation for a woman to act that way? I think that this is very sexy and kinky!

Master takes photos of me walking on all fours and then orders me to start licking. This is the happiest moment of the whole petgirl play. I am heading to my master and licking his dirty shoes silently. I am a good bitch!

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Enjoy another episode of Danica Collins petgirl training.

Petgirl Bonnie posing in her basket with a bone in her teeth

Hello there - filthy boy! So you are looking for kinky petgirls porn? Well - you've came to the right place, because I've got some for your!

My name is petgirl Bonnie. I don't want you to know my real name because nobody in my real life knows about my petgirl fetish addiction. But I just love acting as a dumb pet, to submit and obey to my owner and be trained on the regular basis.

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Here are a few pictures taken by my owner as I was playing in by basket. As you can see, I am totally naked and having my favorite leather collar put over the neck. A tiny chain is attached to the collar for me not to forget that I am only a worthless animal and nothing else.

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Homemade pictures of petgirl Tigerr

Hi, Tigerr is here! I am a 24/7 petgirl for my master. I think it is so natural for a woman to submit to male. Me and my Owner having so much fun together. He takes a lot of pictures and shoots videos during my training process. Check out the Pet and Ponygirls website to enjoy the finest collection of UK petgris!

Featured images of petgirl Tigerr have been made about a month ago: my master was busy and I was just hanging around and enjoying my new butt plug. It is made of rubber, has kinky spring tail and it fit's my ass perfectly. It is amazing: such tiny thing like ass plug could made petgirl completely happy.

Petgirl Tigerr is sitting in her basketBusy petgirl is about to be gaggedPetgirl Tigerr is gagged

Master put a tight leather gag in my mouth so I would remain silence and let him to talk on the phone. For about an hour I've remain in my sleeping basket, but then I've became bored and started walking over the kitchen on all fours. Master was upset with my disobedience so he taught me a lesson: he grabbed me, bent my body over his knee and given a few painful slaps to my ass.

That was a pure humiliation, so I've started whimper. Master used a huge cock gag to make his petgirl completely silent. He put that rubber cock in my mouth and pumped it with air. Being unable to make a sound I was just looking helplessly as he was taking pictures of is submissive petgirl.

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Blonde Bella turned into a pig petgirl

Hi! My name is Bella. It was an idea of my boyfriend - to make some pictures of me as a petgirl. He thinks that petgirls are sexy and it would be fun to turn me into one.

We did it on Saturday. Normally I don't do things like this, but at the moment I was a little tipsy. We went out in the backyard and my boyfriend put a chain around my neck. Isn't it a humiliation for a woman to be leached with a chain and put on her knees?

I was wearing kinky pink dress and a pair of white stockings in the scene. After a few minutes of shooting with his digital camera, Mark (my boyfriend) gave me more beer and asked me to do something more exiting. I was drunk enough so I took my breasts out of the dress and start licking them.

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Mark was so exited with the tings I've done. He took a fake pig's snout and put it on my face. He also used a chewing gum to put plastic letters P I G on my forehead. Pantyhose on my head made me look as a real pig. To add even more humiliation, Mark put some garbage on the ground and forced my to go an all fours. He took a lot of pictures and taped a video of me crawling in the dirt with my tits shaking. That's so sick - to turn woman into a pig petgirl!

I was totally disordered and ashamed to see the petgirls pictures the next day. But Mark had already uploaded all the images and videos online so it was too late for me to regret. I shouldn't be doing that filthy posing. All of my friends have already seen those photos spread all over the social networks. Some of them think that I am a cool horny girl and some of them think about me as of a slut.

I've contacted dozens of websites asking them to delete my pictures but there are still this place called Pet and Ponygirls where there are thousands of petgirls pictures can be seen. Click the banner above to go there now and enjoy those shameless bitches nude, on their knees, collared and leashed.

What is petgirls

Petgirls fetish is a common fantasy. A lot of people in the world are dreaming about treating a female as a household pet. A lot of realted fantasy art are available on the Internet, can be found in comics and animalisation is also a popular kind of sexual play.

Some people think that petgirls fetish humiliates women, but that is not true, because having a female pet is just like having a cat or a dog in you house. Everybody like pets and treat them good. It is important to remember that petgirls fetish is just a fantasy and it is fun. take it like any other normal adult recreation like dancing, kissing or having sex.

Petgirls usually kept in good conditions: they are clean, fed well and have plenty of time to play.

There are a few important things about the petgirls roleplay setup:

  • female should be totally naked (because animals does not wear clothes)
  • cat- and dog-girls have to be collared and leashed
  • ponygirls should wear harness and ponytale

A lot of kinky ideas can come up while planning a petgirls roleplay: training, visiting veterinary for a medical examination, walking on all fours and much, much more! Have fun in the wonderful world of petgirls!