Danica Collins turns into petgirl Lucky and getting fed

Danica Collins (known under the name of petgirl Lucky) appears to be the most popular one according to the statistics. Loads of people coming to this website in search of pictures where this sexy and busty woman is being put through a degrading training. I am working hard to satisfy your petgirls fetish hunger. Please enjoy another episode where Lucky is being fed.

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Hot body, big breasts and a lusty face: those are the things Danica Collins is famous for. We all aware about her official website Just Danica where the lady takes pleasure in dressing naughty then teasing men with kinky lingerie, sexy stockings and lovely feet. But there is another part of her life I would like to reveal. Petgirl Lucky is household animal name Danica turns into to be trained and humiliated. Let's throw a glance at the way Danica Collins is being fed.

Like any normal petgirl Lucky is totally nude and wearing leather collar. On all fours is the way sexy female is allowed to move around. Master puts his bitch on a leash and then takes her to the kitchen. Put on her knees petgirl Danica is ready have some tasty food. There is a feeding bowl placed on the floor from which the slut is going to eat.

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There is a video of petgirl feeding was shot that day and you definitely have to se it! There are several things that can't be delivered through still images and can be only seen in motion. One of those is the way massive jugs of Danica swinging here and there as she eats up her food! The happening is so sexy that I've found myself stuck on the action for a very long time! Petgirl Danica Collins is just stunning!

Look closely on the pictures and you'll see bits of white dripping down from Danica Collins lips. I can't help myself thinking of those as of cum! It looks just like sexy MILF just swallowed a whole load of sperm and loving it very much. There are no limits for your dirty fantasies as long as you dealing with petgirl Lucky!

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Petgirl in bikini walked outdoors

My real name is Tracy, but my master call me petgirl Bambi. I am working in the shop at the mall during working days and I am a petgirls fetish fan during weekends.

The petgirl game usually starts with me dressed in bikini and with kinky playboy-style ears put on my head. Rubber ball gag resides in my mouth and a tight leather collar throats my neck. My owner loves to see me chained so it is natural for me to have a leach connected to the collar.

It is fun for a petgirl to be walked outdoors. Babmi loves to crawl on all fours besides her master. Like any other household pets I enjoy wallowing on the green grass and doing filthy things on command.

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Here is a few pictures of me. Photos were taken last weekend, when I was trained to fuck myself with sex toys. Master put a really sexy bikini on me for the occasion. He was very exited while moving around his petgirl and taking pictures of me on my knees, gagged, leached and collared.

A bit later he gave me two vibrators and ordered me to use them. I was a little ashamed, but it comes out very nice. I've took off my bikini and strated sucking both of the toys. My pussy became wet in just a few minutes, so one of the cocks went straight in my vagina. I guess I was doing pretty well, because my owner dropped his camera and fucked my right there. I was never making love outdoors previously so being fucked like a petgirl was really exiting!

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Busty petgirl is oiled and inspected by vet

Hello there petgirls lovers! My name in real life is Summer Cummings and I love being a petgirl! I like to be treated like a real bitch and my master is a very creative person - he always has a few kinky things in his mind for me to try.

There is one very special aspect of our petgirl fetish - we like to use camera during our play. Master takes pictures of me. He is inspired by the guys from Pet and Ponygirls website who are hving the biggest collection of petgirls pictures on Internet. Once there, people all over the world can watch women being degraded and treated like dogs. Isn't that kinky?

Here is a few sample pictures of one of our sessions, where I am getting inspected. My master is dressed like vet and has all the equipment needed for having fun with busty petgirl. The first thing to be done - is take my clothes and put a leach on my neck. Put on all fours I am getting prepared for the instection: a ring gag put in my mouth and my body is getting oiled. Do you like me crawling around the room and having my breasts shaking? I enjoy it too!

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There are a few exercises for me to handle: I am wearing nipple clamps to stimulate my tits. For a few minutes busty petgirl Summer Cummings is put in a cage. Then I was ordered to sit still and hold a delicious bone on my nose. And what about that ass plug? Master put a really tight plug in my butt and took a lot of pictures. I hope you'll like it.

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Danica Collins being turned into petgirl by force

Hi! My name is Danica Collins and I am a petgirl roleplay addict. It might be unusual for a woman in her middle age to do degrading things like this, but I really enjoy being treated like bitch. Being trained and humiliated by my master brings me the strongest erotic excitement I've even had. My owner usually takes pictures of me as a petgirl. I am begging him not ot upload them to the Pet and Ponygirls website, but you never know if he is going to listen to worthless kneeling bitch.

Today I want to tell you the story about my first petgirl experience. I've never been thinking about sexual games like this, but I've been turned into petgirl against my will.

It happened on day, when I was working in the office. I've been on the meeting with one of my employees when he knocked me out with a drink. I guess this boy put something in my water because I've fell asleep immediately.

MILF undressed while being unconsciousBusty petgirl put in a cageBusty petgirl is being trained

I can't remember what happened next, but according to the pictures, he dragged me on the floor and took all of my clothes off. I was really helpless at that moment: lady lying naked on the floor, unconscious and can't do a thing to help herself. He put a collar around my neck and leashed me with a chain. Then he dragged me to the pet cage and locked there for a couple of hours.

I guess I've woken up in about hour and found myself naked, collared and locked in a cage. Being unable to do anything, I've started screaming, but nobody came to help me. I guess it was evening already and all the office stuff went home already. After a few additional hours spent in a cage I've start enjoying myself as a petgirl. When my master came back there was a strange transformation happen to my mind and I was acting like a trained bitch. I've kinda enjoyed being photographed on my knees and with leather cuffs on my wrists.

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MILF petgirl Jewell Marceau with a butt plug

Hi everybody! Jewell Marceau is here. I am living a happy life of petgirl and here is another story of my training. Below are a couple of preview pictures and I hope you'll gonna like them!

It was a bright sunny day when my owner decided to degrade me into a little petgirl whore. I was wearing a beautiful blue dress, but my owner forced me to take it off. But before taking pictures of me naked, he asked me to took my breasts off the dress and play with them a bit. It was a bit kinky, but I've got wet very quickly. I wish I'd be wering nylons that day, because my pantyhose feet would look really sexy and add more erotic power.

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After being undressed, I was ordered to go on my knees and take a petgirl pose and master put a leather collar over my neck. Don't you think I look lovely: a MILF absolutely naked, standing on her knees and waiting for a humiliation?

A few minutes later I was forced to play with two sex toys. One rubber cock was put deep in my pussy while the other was stuck in my mouth. Fucking myself with a dildo and sucking another make me like a total whore. Master attached a chain to the leash to degrade me completely.

The last training exercise for the petgirl was walking on all fours. But before the action started there was a little addition made to my butt. A big ass plug was inserted there with a kinky pigtail on the other side. You should see the movie of this scene and enjoy the way it bouncing as I was walking around!

I think it is one of the worst humiliation ever invented - to walk a naked petgirl on all fours with a butt plug in her ass. I was so ashamed to crawl there nude with a high heel shoes on my feet while master was taking pictures of me being degraded.

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