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Danica Collins is just got home after a long day in the office and the only thing she thinks about now is to become a submissive petgirl and pleasure her master. MILF girl goes on all fours for quick snack from a bowl. She is still wearing her everyday clothes but it is not going to last long: we all know that petgirls should be naked!

Just a few minutes later petgirl Lucky is having all of her clothes taken down and the only thing she allowed to wear is a pair of high heel shoes. Owner put a tight leather collar round woman's neck with a short chain leash attached. Can you think of proper petgirl training without having her being not collared? I can't!

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Danica Collins task for today is pretty simple: petgirl has to move her toys across the room on command. Like a normal bitch, she isn't allowed to use her hands: Lucky takes the toys with her teethand carries them with dumb look on her face. What a filthy mouth slut has! It is easy to start thinking about other things that might be placed between those soft lips: what would you say about putting your cock in her mouth? I guess petgirl Danica would love it and handle it gently!

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