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The blonde petgirl I would like to show you today really enjoy the submission and humiliation. The feeling of tight leather collar round neck is totally natural for her. Being chained is the thing girl just can't live without. Master provided the petgirl with her own wooden kennel so she'd have a place to slip or stay during the bad weather.

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Look closer at the pictures and you'll notice a small playground enclosed with the fence so nude petgirl would have some space to have fun at. Picture yourself entering the backyard and seeing gorgeous blonde jumps out from her kennel on all fours and greeting the master with lots of barking and whimpering. You should not allow the bitch making lots of noise so blue ball gag will do the trick of shutting her up nicely. Once ball gagged, petgirl is ready for her morning exercises and training. Taking different poses on command is the thing you should definitely see: there are just a few things in the world that degrades a woman more than a petgirl training! A little bit of recreation goes next: fetching the ball on all fours looks even more exciting to me!

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