Hi, Tigerr is here! I am a 24/7 petgirl for my master. I think it is so natural for a woman to submit to male. Me and my Owner having so much fun together. He takes a lot of pictures and shoots videos during my training process. Check out the Pet and Ponygirls website to enjoy the finest collection of UK petgris!

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Petgirl Tigerr is sitting in her basketBusy petgirl is about to be gaggedPetgirl Tigerr is gagged

Master put a tight leather gag in my mouth so I would remain silence and let him to talk on the phone. For about an hour I've remain in my sleeping basket, but then I've became bored and started walking over the kitchen on all fours. Master was upset with my disobedience so he taught me a lesson: he grabbed me, bent my body over his knee and given a few painful slaps to my ass.

That was a pure humiliation, so I've started whimper. Master used a huge cock gag to make his petgirl completely silent. He put that rubber cock in my mouth and pumped it with air. Being unable to make a sound I was just looking helplessly as he was taking pictures of is submissive petgirl.

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