Danica Collins (known under the name of petgirl Lucky) appears to be the most popular one according to the statistics. Loads of people coming to this website in search of pictures where this sexy and busty woman is being put through a degrading training. I am working hard to satisfy your petgirls fetish hunger. Please enjoy another episode where Lucky is being fed.

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Hot body, big breasts and a lusty face: those are the things Danica Collins is famous for. We all aware about her official website Just Danica where the lady takes pleasure in dressing naughty then teasing men with kinky lingerie, sexy stockings and lovely feet. But there is another part of her life I would like to reveal. Petgirl Lucky is household animal name Danica turns into to be trained and humiliated. Let's throw a glance at the way Danica Collins is being fed.

Like any normal petgirl Lucky is totally nude and wearing leather collar. On all fours is the way sexy female is allowed to move around. Master puts his bitch on a leash and then takes her to the kitchen. Put on her knees petgirl Danica is ready have some tasty food. There is a feeding bowl placed on the floor from which the slut is going to eat.

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There is a video of petgirl feeding was shot that day and you definitely have to se it! There are several things that can't be delivered through still images and can be only seen in motion. One of those is the way massive jugs of Danica swinging here and there as she eats up her food! The happening is so sexy that I've found myself stuck on the action for a very long time! Petgirl Danica Collins is just stunning!

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