Hi! My name is Danica Collins and I am a petgirl roleplay addict. It might be unusual for a woman in her middle age to do degrading things like this, but I really enjoy being treated like bitch. Being trained and humiliated by my master brings me the strongest erotic excitement I've even had. My owner usually takes pictures of me as a petgirl. I am begging him not ot upload them to the Pet and Ponygirls website, but you never know if he is going to listen to worthless kneeling bitch.

Today I want to tell you the story about my first petgirl experience. I've never been thinking about sexual games like this, but I've been turned into petgirl against my will.

It happened on day, when I was working in the office. I've been on the meeting with one of my employees when he knocked me out with a drink. I guess this boy put something in my water because I've fell asleep immediately.

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I can't remember what happened next, but according to the pictures, he dragged me on the floor and took all of my clothes off. I was really helpless at that moment: lady lying naked on the floor, unconscious and can't do a thing to help herself. He put a collar around my neck and leashed me with a chain. Then he dragged me to the pet cage and locked there for a couple of hours.

I guess I've woken up in about hour and found myself naked, collared and locked in a cage. Being unable to do anything, I've started screaming, but nobody came to help me. I guess it was evening already and all the office stuff went home already. After a few additional hours spent in a cage I've start enjoying myself as a petgirl. When my master came back there was a strange transformation happen to my mind and I was acting like a trained bitch. I've kinda enjoyed being photographed on my knees and with leather cuffs on my wrists.

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