Hi! My name is Bella. It was an idea of my boyfriend - to make some pictures of me as a petgirl. He thinks that petgirls are sexy and it would be fun to turn me into one.

We did it on Saturday. Normally I don't do things like this, but at the moment I was a little tipsy. We went out in the backyard and my boyfriend put a chain around my neck. Isn't it a humiliation for a woman to be leached with a chain and put on her knees?

I was wearing kinky pink dress and a pair of white stockings in the scene. After a few minutes of shooting with his digital camera, Mark (my boyfriend) gave me more beer and asked me to do something more exiting. I was drunk enough so I took my breasts out of the dress and start licking them.

Pig petgirl shows her titsDumb pig petgirl is ready to take her lunchBusty petgirl eating garbage in the backyard

Mark was so exited with the tings I've done. He took a fake pig's snout and put it on my face. He also used a chewing gum to put plastic letters P I G on my forehead. Pantyhose on my head made me look as a real pig. To add even more humiliation, Mark put some garbage on the ground and forced my to go an all fours. He took a lot of pictures and taped a video of me crawling in the dirt with my tits shaking. That's so sick - to turn woman into a pig petgirl!

I was totally disordered and ashamed to see the petgirls pictures the next day. But Mark had already uploaded all the images and videos online so it was too late for me to regret. I shouldn't be doing that filthy posing. All of my friends have already seen those photos spread all over the social networks. Some of them think that I am a cool horny girl and some of them think about me as of a slut.

I've contacted dozens of websites asking them to delete my pictures but there are still this place called Pet and Ponygirls where there are thousands of petgirls pictures can be seen. Click the banner above to go there now and enjoy those shameless bitches nude, on their knees, collared and leashed.