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Here I am in the drawing-room ready to be trained. My hair is brushed and bind with couple of fillets. The first thing to be done with me is to put a collar on my neck and attach a chain. I am getting undressed, because nude petgirl is much funnier to deal with. Master drop off my shirt so my boobs came out and he pulls my panties down also. It took just a couple of seconds and here I am - standing on my knees, totally naked with only a pair of high heels on my feet.

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Owner uses a whip to control his nude petgirl. The first exercises to work through are to hold still and to crawl on command. Do you like me going around the room on all fours with my milkbags bouncing in time? You should watch the movie, because it shows this exact moment from different angles.

The next thing nude petgirl has to do is to show her devotion. Shoe licking is the perfrct way to express that. I am doing this exercise passionately, because I just love to submit to my master.

Master loves his petgirl bitch! He rewards me with some cheer. He fed me from his hands and then puts the rest in the bowl. I nude petgirl Bonnie loves to be to nude, trained, put on her knees and fed from the dog bowl.

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