Veterinar is examining petgirl Summer Cummings

Medical examination is very important for every petgirl. Normally bitch lives her life being constantly degraded and humiliated. Getting on her knees while vet is exploring her every hole with his finger is just another thing to take pleasure in. Let's take a look at the petgirl Summer Cummings going through one of those kinky procedures.

Another boring day in the office is over and it is time for busty slut to become a petgirl for the rest of the day. Tight collar is put over girl's neck with a chain leash attached. There is ring gag put inside her mouth. Woman is forced to get on her knees, unbutton her blouse and pull up the skirt. Look how sexy saliva is dripping down from her mouth all over the exposed jugs!

Petgirl transformation of Summer CummingsSexy MILF looks dumb once leashed and collaredHorny petgirl examined by ver

Petgirl Summer Cummings is so happy to serve her master: she goes down on all fours and licks his boots with her very tongue. Who'd thought that average office lady can be so submissive?

Pet cage looks like the perfect place for busty lady to stay in while on her way to the doctor. Look how sexy petgirl looks once undressed completely and placed behind the fence! With her hands handcuffed, petgirl Summer Cummings has nothing to do but to look around helplessly. There is a rubber cock mounted inside the cage in case she'd like to train her blowjob skills: silly bitches are generally worthless except cock sucking.

Petgirl stays handcuffed for the entire veterinary office visit. I love the submissive look of Summer Cumming once she is being examined. She looks dumb with the leash hanging between her huge boobs: I wish all the women around would look this way!

Submissive girl is licking the boots of her masterThe best way to transport petgirl is when she is caged

Doctor does his job perfectly examining Summer Cummings petgirl. He put naked woman on her knees and violently explored each of her holes with his fingers. Held by her hair and handcuffed, slut becomes wet almost immediately. A few painful slaps over girl's ass are going to help her stop thinking about getting fucked: spanking is the best way of punishing horny petgirls!

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Petgirl loves being leashed, collared and walked on all fours

There are two things you can't imagine petgirl without: I am talking about the collar and the leash. Bowl feeding, training and even medical examination: none of these things are possible if woman isn't wearing tight leather collar over her neck or not wiling to be leashed.

Below are a few sample pictures of sexy petgirl that loves her pink collar very much. There isn't other thing she enjoys more than getting naked, put on all fours and walked on a leash. Submissive slut prefers to be put on a chain instead of using leather dog's lead. Maybe it is all about cold steel touching her skin as she crawls?

Being leashed and collared is the way petgirl prefers to stayWoman takes the role of household petTight collar makes it easy to throttle a petgirl

On the other point of view collar and leash are very effective when it comes to controlling petgirls. Master might act gently or use a little force in case of petgirl is showing bad attitude. The bitch in this post enjoys it very much when owner pulls the leash upwards with moderate tension. She get's wet almost instantly once her neck is getting throttled a bit with leather noose. Imagine yourself walking a petgirl on all fours: would you pull the leash harder or let her breath freely?

Leashed, collared and walked on all foursNude petgirl plays with toys once being unhoocked from a leash

Petgirls are normally allowed to play after being walked in the backyard. Watch the unhooked bitch having fun with the toy! She looks so happy when driving small blue ball from place to place and then carrying it with her mouth! Would you like to own a petgirl like this? She is the right type of bitch to bring a lot of joy to your life!

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Petgirl Danica Collins brings toys on command

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To make it even more exciting I've managed to get a few more preview images of busty Danica in training. Today it is all about bringing things on command and Lucky enjoys it very much!

Dog bowl feeding of petgirl DanicaNude, collared and leashed MILFPetgirl bringing toys with her teeth

Danica Collins is just got home after a long day in the office and the only thing she thinks about now is to become a submissive petgirl and pleasure her master. MILF girl goes on all fours for quick snack from a bowl. She is still wearing her everyday clothes but it is not going to last long: we all know that petgirls should be naked!

Just a few minutes later petgirl Lucky is having all of her clothes taken down and the only thing she allowed to wear is a pair of high heel shoes. Owner put a tight leather collar round woman's neck with a short chain leash attached. Can you think of proper petgirl training without having her being not collared? I can't!

Petgirl is hungry for a cok in her mouthAll fours crawling of a beautiful woman wearing high heels

Danica Collins task for today is pretty simple: petgirl has to move her toys across the room on command. Like a normal bitch, she isn't allowed to use her hands: Lucky takes the toys with her teethand carries them with dumb look on her face. What a filthy mouth slut has! It is easy to start thinking about other things that might be placed between those soft lips: what would you say about putting your cock in her mouth? I guess petgirl Danica would love it and handle it gently!

There are lots of things that make petgirl Danica Collins very special but bit tits of her are definitely the first that comes to your mind. It is impossible to sit still when gorgeous MILF crawls across the room and having her jugs swinging sideways! It is normal to have the rate of your heartbeat to get higher and breaths to get shorter: isn't this is why we all love petgirls?

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Petgirl Tigerr corked up with sex toys

You'd better prepare a set of kinky toys in case you want to handle petgirl Tigerr. If there are holes in her body - why don't use them for fun? The slut only feels good when having every of her filthy outlets corked up with plastic dicks. Isn't this a type of petgirl you always were dreaming of?

Nude asian petgirl on a leashPetgirl gagged with butt plugPetgirl Tigerr posing with two tails

Just look at the asian petgirl sitting on her knees all naked and waiting for master to take care of her! The amount of submission in her eyes is just astonishing. With that leather collar round her neck and a short leash she looks just like a bitch!

The fun begins for the petgirl when master sticks two vibrating toys in her ass and pussy. Happy slut starts barking but her mouth is getting gagged almost immediately. Huge rubber butt plug does the trick perfectly: you can't hear a whisper from the petgirl once the thing is put down in her throat.

Sex toys used for bitch trainingPetgirl walks on all fours

It is time for petgirl Tigerr to take a walk along the room. Released from the leash, the girl goes on all fours exposing her pierced pussy. Who can watch the two-tailed petgirl crawl around without one's heart going faster? Is there a man who can browse these pictures without having their breath getting shorter?

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Nude petgirl lives in the backyard in her own kennel

It is nice to have a submissive petgirl inside your home but it is ten times more exciting when the bitch lives in the backyard! Imagine an adult woman all nude, leashed and collared, lives in her own kennel. I bet your neighbors will be knocked out from their socks once seeing her crawling around on all fours.

Petgirl posing in her kennelLeashed and collared crawls on all foursPetgril posing in the sun

The blonde petgirl I would like to show you today really enjoy the submission and humiliation. The feeling of tight leather collar round neck is totally natural for her. Being chained is the thing girl just can't live without. Master provided the petgirl with her own wooden kennel so she'd have a place to slip or stay during the bad weather.

Girl loses her dignityBarking girl on her kneesPetgirl is gagged in order to keep quiet

Look closer at the pictures and you'll notice a small playground enclosed with the fence so nude petgirl would have some space to have fun at. Picture yourself entering the backyard and seeing gorgeous blonde jumps out from her kennel on all fours and greeting the master with lots of barking and whimpering. You should not allow the bitch making lots of noise so blue ball gag will do the trick of shutting her up nicely. Once ball gagged, petgirl is ready for her morning exercises and training. Taking different poses on command is the thing you should definitely see: there are just a few things in the world that degrades a woman more than a petgirl training! A little bit of recreation goes next: fetching the ball on all fours looks even more exciting to me!

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Its feeding time for petgirl Danica Collins

Danica Collins (known under the name of petgirl Lucky) appears to be the most popular one according to the statistics. Loads of people coming to this website in search of pictures where this sexy and busty woman is being put through a degrading training. I am working hard to satisfy your petgirls fetish hunger. Please enjoy another episode where Lucky is being fed.

Leashed and collared MILF Danica CollinsKneeling petgirl Lucky is sexyBowl feeding of a nude woman

Hot body, big breasts and a lusty face: those are the things Danica Collins is famous for. We all aware about her official website Just Danica where the lady takes pleasure in dressing naughty then teasing men with kinky lingerie, sexy stockings and lovely feet. But there is another part of her life I would like to reveal. Petgirl Lucky is household animal name Danica turns into to be trained and humiliated. Let's throw a glance at the way Danica Collins is being fed.

Like any normal petgirl Lucky is totally nude and wearing leather collar. On all fours is the way sexy female is allowed to move around. Master puts his bitch on a leash and then takes her to the kitchen. Put on her knees petgirl Danica is ready have some tasty food. There is a feeding bowl placed on the floor from which the slut is going to eat.

Swinging tits of busty petgirlPetgril Danica Collins is very sexy when nudeKneeling petgirl Lucky thanks master for the food

There is a video of petgirl feeding was shot that day and you definitely have to se it! There are several things that can't be delivered through still images and can be only seen in motion. One of those is the way massive jugs of Danica swinging here and there as she eats up her food! The happening is so sexy that I've found myself stuck on the action for a very long time! Petgirl Danica Collins is just stunning!

Look closely on the pictures and you'll see bits of white dripping down from Danica Collins lips. I can't help myself thinking of those as of cum! It looks just like sexy MILF just swallowed a whole load of sperm and loving it very much. There are no limits for your dirty fantasies as long as you dealing with petgirl Lucky!

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Busty petgirl in bikini fucked with sex toys

My real name is Tracy, but my master call me petgirl Bambi. I am working in the shop at the mall during working days and I am a petgirls fetish fan during weekends.

The petgirl game usually starts with me dressed in bikini and with kinky playboy-style ears put on my head. Rubber ball gag resides in my mouth and a tight leather collar throats my neck. My owner loves to see me chained so it is natural for me to have a leach connected to the collar.

It is fun for a petgirl to be walked outdoors. Babmi loves to crawl on all fours besides her master. Like any other household pets I enjoy wallowing on the green grass and doing filthy things on command.

Busty petgirlBusty petgirl gagged and leashedExposed petgirl with sex toys

Here is a few pictures of me. Photos were taken last weekend, when I was trained to fuck myself with sex toys. Master put a really sexy bikini on me for the occasion. He was very exited while moving around his petgirl and taking pictures of me on my knees, gagged, leached and collared.

A bit later he gave me two vibrators and ordered me to use them. I was a little ashamed, but it comes out very nice. I've took off my bikini and strated sucking both of the toys. My pussy became wet in just a few minutes, so one of the cocks went straight in my vagina. I guess I was doing pretty well, because my owner dropped his camera and fucked my right there. I was never making love outdoors previously so being fucked like a petgirl was really exiting!

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